Striving to do everything possible so that the projects made were easy to use, did not contain errors and failures in work. To do this, when creating sites, I constantly study the reviews of site visitors about the quality of its manufacture.
      Стремление сделать все возможное, чтобы проекты изготовленные были удобны в использовании, не содержали ошибок и сбоев в работе. Для этого при создании сайтов постоянно изучаю отзывы посетителей сайта о качестве его изготовления.
      Nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement and improvement. Besides, as there are people, there are so many different tastes.
      Ничто не бывает идеальным. Всегда есть резервы для улучшения и совершенствования. Кроме того, сколько существует людей, столько и различных вкусов.



By working with many experienced partners across Europe, we are able to ensure that all logistics services are provided in accordance with the requirements of our customers.
Our customers: Dachser Nuremberg, Heppner Kornwestheim, Heppner Mannheim, Geodis Osnabrück, Geodis Limoges, DHL Worms, DHL Marseille and many others.

HRG Center (Human Resurce Group)

We will help you make the right choice of people who can give impetus to the functioning and prosperity of your company! We offer accounting services in Russia and Europe.

EURO-IDS (Insurance Damage Solution)

Professional team of lawyers (attorneys) providing a full range of legal (legal) services throughout the Russian Federation and the EU, with priority areas in Europe: Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, France, Italy.

WebOS (Explorer Browser System)

open-source explorer and code editor based on web browser. It provides a kind of classic UI like Windows, file management, file preview, edit, upload and download, File compression and decompression, music playback you can do that’ll on line. You can develop in the web browser side, the source file preview, and deploy the website directly, just like local operation as convenient, fast and safe experience.